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Heartin Kanikathottu

Hi, I'm Heartin Kanikathottu


A seasoned Principal Architect, I specialize in leading technological transformations across various esteemed organizations, with a particular emphasis on cloud computing and security. In the realm of cloud computing and security, my contributions as an author have gained notable recognition, with one of my books being honored as the 8th best cloud computing book of all time in 2020. My published works are widely available on respected platforms like O'Reilly, Amazon, Packt, and

In my current role at Trainso, I am spearheading the strategic transition from a conventional training-centric approach to a leading position in cloud-based software solutions. My career trajectory has been marked by key roles, including Vice President at Morgan Stanley and Principal Architect at Societe Generale, where I played a vital role in cloud migration and modernization. At VMware, I expanded my scope from hands-on development to architecture, culminating in leading the public cloud governance team in India and overseeing all public cloud operations. My experience at Software AG was instrumental in deepening my expertise in the integration domain and core development skills, complementing my diverse professional journey that also includes significant roles at IG Group, SAP Ariba, and TCS.

With over 15 professional certifications from leading companies such as Microsoft (Azure), Amazon (AWS), Oracle (Java), Pivotal (Spring), and IBM, my technical expertise spans a broad spectrum of technological areas, particularly in cloud computing and data analytics. This expertise is further bolstered by dual Master's degrees in cloud computing and data analytics. I am dedicated to sharing my knowledge, actively speaking at various technical forums, including Google's Kubernetes Meetup, Java User Group, Elasticsearch meetup, and the Agile India Conference, where I provide insights and experiences from these specialized domains.

Apart from my technical pursuits, I am deeply passionate about writing and teaching. Outside of work, I relish traveling with my family, discovering unique culinary delights, and documenting these journeys on my blog. An enthusiastic reader of a wide range of literature, from technical to non-fiction, and a fan of crime dramas, I hold ambitions to eventually venture into writing a techno-fiction thriller. Additionally, I enjoy unwinding during weekends by binge-watching game highlights and TV shows, delving into genres that include crime thrillers, and detective stories.

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